We Indians bless our tongues with a variety of tastes around the world. But there are those that we cannot oversee when it comes to our basics. Anything new we try, at some point in time we get back to them to delight us with the sweetness of their existence. They are evergreen, they are never going to cease to exist. As we grow, their deliciousness grows on us. Any festival, occasion or even an urge is incomplete without them. Madhurima sweet brings you a variety of these evergreen sweets to sweeten your appetite and help you keep your heart happy and pumping.

Mango Sweets

Mango is a seasonal fruit, but we bring to you a delightful range of Mango sweets throughout the year. So if it is the Mango flavor you are yearning for, don’t hold back. Order our Mango Passion boxes (available in different grams and pieces) and fulfill your desire. And you can make an order from around the world. Indian sweets are not limited to India anymore. Fun, eh!

Dry Fruit range

Dry fruits assortment in sweets definitely takes it to another level. With taste, it offers sophistication and class. Be it for you or you have to present someone, it is always healthy to have it on the menu. We have a variety of Dry Fruit sweets available with us, but the one that carries and goes on and on is the Dry Fruit Laddoo.

The king of sweets – Laddoos

Talking of Evergreen sweets, and no mention of Laddoos, nah! That is not an option. Apart from the dry fruit laddoos already mentioned above, we have a huge variety for you to choose from. Mewa Boondi Laddoo is one of its kind. This amazing sweet not only compels Lord Ganesha but is a choice of sweet for many around the globe. Then there is the well-known Panjri Laddoo that excites your taste buds whenever you have one. There are Besan and Besan Mewa Laddoos that go hand in hand with any dish on the table.

Ever heard about Posta Laddoos. Well, we can guarantee, once you have it, you will tell the sweet tale to many.

The Tale of chikki and chocolate

The variety of Chikki’s is no longer restricted to few places. Our special box with Assorted Chikkis has its top types to savor your sweet tooth and bring you delight. They are healthy, fun and easy to digest. And can be used as munchies or snacks at any time. You don’t really have to wait for an occasion to have it.

And where there is a mention of sweets, there is definitely a mention of chocolates. Chocolates being the most famous and widely consumed sweet needs to be perfectly made. With Madhurima Sweets Opulence chocolate, you can taste the most real chocolate ever made, that just melts away the instant you have it. Now bath in a tub full of chocolate or give it away as a gift, melt in this deliciousness and experience the bliss.

We deliver worldwide

The days to walk down to buy at the shop are over. As you know wherever you go, we follow. So order our sweets and namkeen online and get them delivered to your doorstep

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