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Seasonal Sawan Special


“Ghevar” is a very popular filigreed Rajasthani sweet and its roots can be traced back to Jaipur. It is traditionally associated with the festivals of Teej and Rakshabandhan . Primarily made of all purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup, it is shaped like a disc. “Ghevar” exists in different versions such as Plain,Mewa and Malai.
Khamba Ghani! The taste of Rajasthan awaits you, and what’s better than if it is available in the centre of the city. In this monsoon season, Rajasthani cuisine is fast making its way into the hearts of Lucknowites with the special taste of the traditional Rajasthani ghewar. The credit for this can be given to Madhurima Sweets, a traditional establishment in the city.
It has been a long-standing tradition for married women to visit their parent’s homes during the monsoon season. At this time, the Rajasthani Marwaris, in particular make it a practice to send boxes of ghewar to their in-laws house through the hands of their daughters as a shagun, popularly known as sindhara.This rainy season, this traditional practice of Rajasthan is being adopted by residents of Lucknow as well. Again, this rising trend can be attributed to the sweetness of the ghewar being made by Madhurima.While there may be numerous sweet sellers in Lucknow who deal with the production and sale of ghewar, for them it might be just a business. The heart and soul that Madhurima Sweets pours into ensuring that the ghewar it sells has the original Rajasthani touch is hard to match for even the best.
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